20 May 2016

ABC of Me!

Hey guys!
I wanted you to be able to know me better and so thought this would be fun!

Acne (mostly cleared now but the struggles)

Books (books>>>>films)

Chocolate (mmmmmmmmmm)

Dogs (they’re just so cute c’mon)

Eating (favourite hobby?)

Friends (what would I do without them (haha cringey))

Gossip girl (still a fave)

Hard working (NERD)

Irish (Éire mo ghrá)

JK Rowling (all the goals, also see what I did there ;))

Laughing (especially prone to cry laughing)

Makeup (it’s a skill and a hobby)

Netflix (all Netflix, no chill)

Online (always)

Piano (passion)

Quiet eating (cannot stand the sound of chewing)

Red (forever my fave colour)

Swimming (exercise I actually always enjoy?)

Tiny (about 5 foot 2, which is tiny apparently)

Unfair (my catch phrase, what a cruel world)

Very fabulous (modest too)

World travel (let me be freee)

XO (signing off)

Years&Years (is there any better group (actually they’re equal with 21 pilots but))

Zzz (so tired, always)

So that's the alphabet of me, some golden uggets of information in their!
Signing off,

Catrionaar xo


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