27 September 2015

My Top 4 Lip Balms

Hey guys!

So yeah lip balms, bit random but my lips have just been soo dry recently, because of an acne treatment I'm on, and I have to apply lip balm about 493902836 times a day. Luckily I actually have loads of them so I’ve been able to switch it up lots. I have them stored everywhere, my locker, pencil case, beside my bed, it’s like I’m leaving a trail of lip balms or something. Anyway, I decided I would narrow down my fave 4 so enjoy!

24 September 2015

4 Outfits for a Night Out

Hey guys!

As a 17 year old teenager I do enjoy a good night out. I know going out partying isn’t for everyone and that’s totally fine. I love sitting at home watching Netflix on my laptop but I think it’s really fun to dress up, go dancing with my friends and talk to new people too! So I thought I would put together a few outfits that you could wear to “go out on the town” as they say (I don’t think anyone actually ever says that). They’re categorised because different occasions call for different kinds of outfits and sometimes you might just want to switch it up!

20 September 2015

How To Have The Perfect Pamper Evening

Hey guys!

So you know when you have a cold and a cough and you’re throat is sore and you’re just completely exhausted? Well I’ve been feeling like that the past week. I think something’s going around and everybody’s picking it up cause we’re all worn out from going back to school. Well as I’m feeling as bleugh as I am, I decided to have a little pamper evening  for myself. I need to start doing more of these, especially as I’m bound to be stressed out this year with exams. I think everybody needs to take a little time out every now and again to treat themselves and make themselves feel refreshed. So today I thought I would share my tips on how to have the best pamper evening ever.

Run a bubble bath
Few things are more relaxing than a hot bubbly bath. Just run some hot water, add bubbles and sink into the warmth. If you had bath bombs they would make it even better. I spied some Lush bath bombs my sister got for her birthday recently while I was running the bath and was tempted to steal one but decided it was better not to!

17 September 2015

Beauty Essentials for Autumn

Hey guys!

I realised in the last few days that I’m actually quite excited for it to be autumn. Normally I think autumn is that forgotten season in between summer holidays and the Christmas season. But since it hit September first I’ve been looking forward to wooly jumpers, fires and dark colours (I mean like burgundy, khaki, burnt orange y’know?) Don’t worry I’m not gonna even mention PSL, because I’ve never actually had one (am I even a white girl??) But really it must be my Irish soul that secretly loves rain pattering on the pavements and the sun going down at 5 o’clock. Autumn and winter pretty much roll into one big winter in Ireland by the way, so that’s why  it sounds like I’m describing the middle of December, not the start of September! Anyway enough with the rambling on with the ambling (through my autumn essentials).

Autumnal Eyeshadows
I think in autumn I wear less shimmery shades and more rich shades. I love a nice gold or bronze colour, especially since I have blue eyes. I’m also a fan of purple/red shades even though I’m lacking on them, an autumn makeup shop is in need I think!

12 September 2015

How To Make A Homemade Face Mask

 Hey guys!

Two or three years ago I used to be absolutely obsessed with home remedies for acne. I’d always be making weird concoctions and putting half the contents of my kitchen on my face. I’m less enthusiastic about home remedies these days but I’ll still whip up the occasional face mask because if you can make it for free, why buy it? (probably my life’s motto!!) So today I thought I would share with you how to make your very own face mask at home.

7 September 2015

No Dairy, No Acne?

Hey guys!

In my The Acne Struggles post I mentioned that I was giving up dairy to try and clear up my spots. I’d done a lot of research on it but results were quite mixed. Some say dairy is a huge acne trigger (it’s to do with the hormones) and avoiding it is the way to spot free skin. Others say what you eat doesn’t make a difference and acne can only be cleared up using medication or products. I decided to give it a go anyway so for the month of August I went completely dairy free.
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4 September 2015

August Favourites

Hey guys!

So it’s that time again, when I tell ye all the bits I’ve been loving this month. August was quite a busy month for me, catching up with friends, nights out and lots of sleepovers. I left preparing for school until the very last weekend, just to try and make the summer stretch a little more! So yeah August was fun and this summer was probably one of the best I’ve ever had. Anyway here are a few of my favourite things (during the month of August).