29 April 2016

Tips for Practical Exams

Hey guys!

Apologies for the 2 weeks abscence since my last post! I recently had my Irish oral (counts for 40% of overall exam), French oral (25% of overall) and music practical (50% of overall!) for my Leaving Cert. It’s fair to say they were a pretty stressful 2 weeks. But luckily I made it through and I thought today I could give a few tips based on my experience. I’m not even sure if other countries have practical and oral exams but hopefully this might be helpful in some way anyway!

1.    Start prepping early
I think it’s especially tempting for practical exams to leave everything until the last minute. You don’t necessarily need to spend hours studying but if you’re not prepared you will regret it! Try and do a bit every night leading up to the exams rather than leaving it all until the last week, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress.

14 April 2016

March Favourites

Hey guys!
I haven’t done a favourites post in aaages because to be honest I use the same things all the time! The only things that really change regularly are the songs I listen to and shows I watch. But anyway I thought I would do one this month because I love hearing about other people’s favourites.


3 April 2016

Revlon Colorstay Foundation&Revlon Photoready primer REVIEW

Hey guys!

So I mentioned in my Winter Haul post a while back that I bought the Revlon Colourstay foundation and the Revlon Photoready primer. Today, as you probably have already guessed from the title, I’m going to review both these products.
Now I had been eyeing up this foundation for a while. I had heard good things, but for a drugstore foundation I thought it was a bit on the pricey side (it retails for about 18euro in Ireland). However I received some Boots vouchers for Christmas and I thought might as well give it a go.
I think you can imagine how annoyed I was when I went back a week later to the very same Boots and saw that they were having a 2 for €20 offer on Revlon face products! So to suppress my anger I decided that I was still going to benefit from this offer and bought another Colourstay foundation and the Photoready primer.