24 December 2015

DIY Christmas- Decorations&Gifts

Hey guys!

Now I am about as unartistic as you can get. Drawing and painting and I just do not mingle well. I even have problems drawing diagrams in biology, seriously it’s that bad! However something I’m not too awful at is crafts. I still wouldn’t really call it my thing but I can handle a few artsy bits now and again. If you just go on Tumblr or Pinterest (I don’t use Pinterest but I’ve heard it’s great) you can find a ton of ideas and most of them are pretty easy. If you’re often broke, like me, then it’s a cheap way to Christmas up your room and give cool gifts for cheap.

If only I could make some this good!

13 December 2015

OOTD- Trip to Scotland

Hey guys!

At the start of this week myself and my dad went to Scotland for two nights. I am applying to two universities there so I wanted to check them out and also the areas they're located. I would describe Scotland as a bigger version of Ireland. It is fairly similar in that it's pretty grey and freezing in these winter months and also the Scottish language actually looks really like Irish because they're both Celtic. Anyway I really enjoyed my time there, the people were so friendly and it's a really nice place so fingers crossed I get a place in a university!

6 December 2015

My Christmas Wishlist 2015

Hey guys!

So first off, bit of a disclaimer- I don’t plan on asking for all these things for Christmas! For one, my birthday is 5 days after Christmas (I’ll finally be 18 eek!) so the presents will be spread out over Christmas and my birthday. As well as that I don’t necessarily want to get all these things as gifts from other people, I might buy them myself, gotta treat yourself too right?

Adidas Superstars/ Nike Air Force
Here’s the thing- I kinda have a shoe obsession.