30 August 2015

Simple Hair and Makeup for School

Hey guys!

So.. I start school tomorrow. BLEUGH. What's keeping me going is knowing that it's my last year and telling myself how much I'm gonna miss seeing my friends every day once we're finished. But anyway I thought I would do a little hair and makeup thing for ye of what I do on an average school day.

27 August 2015

The School Survival Guide

Hey guys!

Ok so I’m pretty much crying while writing this cause the thought of going back to school next Monday. NOPE. As usual summer lasted about 8.39937432 seconds. I sorta feel like I did nothing for the whole 3 months but actually I did tons, probably my most productive summer ever. I spent 3 weeks in Irish college, went on a 2 week holiday, had a good few nights out and actually managed to keep in touch with most of my friends the whole summer. So the fact that I’ve had one of the best summers yet combined with the fact that I’m facing my final school year and have to do my Leaving Cert (A levels/Final Finals/you get the point) means that I am not 100% looking forward to it. So as I’m pretty much done with secondary school (high school) I thought I would share my tips on how to get through “the best days of your life”.

Ok look, yes I am AWFUL at Photoshop. But this is the first thing I've ever made on it and I have the artistic skills of a one legged dog so let's just appreciate the effort I went to. Also if you get where this picture is from then we should talk. 

25 August 2015

Mini Clothing Haul

Hey guys!

Last week I bought a couple of things and although I didn’t get very much, I decided to do a haul anyway! I got this stuff on two separate days. The first was in Cork with my friends, one of those days where I was like I WON’T BUY ANYTHING but brought money for travel and food (i.e the essentials) and of course ended up picking up some things in Penneys cause it’s just so hard to resist cheap stuff isn’t it? The second was when I went to Dublin with my cousin to meet up with two friends up there (who I met in Irish college). They’re used to shopping in “the big city” (funny cause Dublin's tiny compared to most capital cities) so they knew a few cool places to go. Anyway, on with the purchases!

23 August 2015

Five Budget Beauty Buys

Hey guys!

Now I am a sucker for a bargain. Sales, special offer, anything cheap that’s usually kinda expensive, I am there! But when it comes to makeup it can get a little tricky. It’s definitely possible to get really cheap makeup but sometimes the quality can be not very good so often you just get what you pay for. However today I’d like to share with you some my fave things that are inexpensive yet also do a good job. I have to apologise in advance for not knowing all the exact prices, I’ve looked them up but the price just depends on where you buy them! I’m pretty sure they’re all under €5. So, on with the products that are good for you pocket AND good for your face..

l-r Wet n Wild, 17, NYX

20 August 2015


Hey guys!

So this is technically not an OOTD because I actually wore this last week!! But I've been really really busy lately so I just had time to quickly snap these photos on the day I wore this outfit. Luckily I already had the Healthy Sticky Peanut Butter Treats post ready to go. Anyway lets just pretend that this post isn't a week later than I meant it to be!

15 August 2015

Healthy Sticky Peanut Butter Chocolate Treats

Hey guys!

I really didn’t know what to call these delicious treats. At first I thought ‘healthy Snickers’ but they’re not really that like a Snicker so I settled for ‘sticky peanut butter chocolate treats’ which is pretty much exactly what they are. The stickiness comes from the date which are really sweet and sort of caramel-y. I know they’re not really really healthy but hey, they’re better than a bag of sweets or a chocolate bar!

12 August 2015

3 Easy Plait Hairstyles

Hey guys!

Look we've all been there, you wake up and your hair is frizzy, knotty and just screaming Bad Hair Day. At this point you have two choices, either throw it up in an artistic messy bun, emphasis on the messy, OR you can take a bit of time to turn your BHD into a GHD (who else just realised where the hair straighteners got they're name from?)

9 August 2015

The Acne Struggles

Hey guys!

So along with the other many great things about being a teenager such as the mood swings, the body changes and generally turning into a woman/man, acne affects a lot of us. It’s definitely something that I’ve struggled with since I was about 11. It was never awful, I always had a few spots but I wouldn’t have called it full on acne until last summer when for some reason my skin thought it’d be fun to start breaking out even more.

6 August 2015

Having a Fifth-Life Crisis

Hey guys!

Ok so in case you’re confused by the title I don’t mean that I’ve been reincarnated loads or something and am now having a crisis in my 5th life. I guess that would be cool but also weird. And if I could choose, I'd be reincarnated as a meerkat or something cause that seems like it'd be kinda fun. ANYWAY, what I mean is that I feel as if I’m having a mid-life crisis but at 17, I think (or at least I hope) a fifth-life crisis is more accurate, because I'm about a fifth of the way through my life. Yeah, doesn’t quite have the same ring does it?

(Ok so this is a pretty cringy selfie thing, but just thought the post looked a bit bare with no pictures. This is my 'omg what am I doing with my life' face.)