28 May 2015

Weekday Night Time Routine

Hey guys!

Ok so I decided to write a post about my daily night time routine. Personally I love reading blogs and watching youtube videos just to see what other people do at night. It’s such a great way to find new products and introduce new things into your own routine. So anyway, here is what I generally do to prepare myself for the all important beauty sleep!

Once I’ve finished my homework/study/exercise,and all the stuff that needs to get done in the day I like to relax by watching something on Netflix or a couple of youtube videos. As I said in my April favourites, I love love love Suits. I'm also really into Pretty Little Liars at the moment. And youtube videos, I watch A LOT of them.

25 May 2015


Hey guys!

Just a quick post to say I'm on bloglovin now. If you wouldn't mind giving me an ol' follow I'd really appreciate it!! The follow badge is on top right hand side of the page. Thanks!

Catriona xo

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24 May 2015

My Top 4 Drugstore Concealers

Hey guys!

I was gonna call this post ‘the best drugstore concealers’ but then I thought that I haven’t actually tried all the concealers in the pharmacy so I couldn’t really claim to know the best! So here are just 4  concealers that I really like out of the ones that I have tried.

20 May 2015

Exam Stress and Study Tips

Hey guys!

So with my summer end of year exams looming around the corner ie they’re starting next week!! I thought it would be a good time to write about a post about dealing with exam stress and just a few helpers for how to study. Now, I have to admit that I could be called somewhat of a nerd. I like to do well and I’m only happy if I know I’ve done the best I could have done. Because of that I do tend to get a bit stressed out around exam times, as any member of my family will tell you. So basically these are just a few things I’ve picked up over my years of swotting.

17 May 2015

Fashion Trends to Try This Summer 2015

Hey guys!

So I've recently been looking at the S/S trends from the catwalks and just on other blogs and stuff and I have to say I'm really excited to try some of them out. I think I'm guilty of playing it safe when it comes to fashion even though there's loads of trends I like, I'm just afraid I won't be able to pull them off. I also re-joined Tumblr this week. I've had an account for a while but I found it kind of confusing to work! I've sort of figured it out now and oh my God some of the fashion inspo pics on there. Seriously like the style of  some girls is actually amazing. I can see why there's so many "tumblr inspired outfits" blog post and YouTube videos now! So anyway basically what I've done is found some pictures of trends I like from the catwalks and some pictures from Tumblr with ideas of how to wear the trends.


I love love love this trend. The colours and patterns are so perfect for summer. There's just something so cool about the boho chic look. I 100% want to get some sort of boho inspired dress/top/kimono. I can see myself wearing this trend on holidays or at the beach.

14 May 2015

Real Techniques Brushes Review (Core Collection and Duo Fibre)

Hey guys!

 A couple of months ago I purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection makeup brushes. I liked them so much that I recently purchased the Duo-Fibre set too.

In my opinion these brushes are the best brushes you can buy in a pharmacy (or drugstore as they say in the US!).

10 May 2015

Neutrogena visibly clear spot stress control daily scrub Review

When it comes to skin care, I am very hard to please. I've suffered with spotty skin since I was about 12, and it's only gotten worse as I got older
I picked up this Neutrogena scrub about a month ago.

I generally use scrubs twice a week and I alternate this one with the Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose in it. I would say that I slightly prefer it to my Soap and Glory scrub, mainly because it specifically targets spotty skin.

7 May 2015

April Favourites

Hey guys!
Here's a few things that I've been loving this April 2015!

Makeup: Two makeup products I’ve used a lot in the last month, both Rimmel, are the Scandal Eyes precision micro eyeliner and the Lasting Finish foundation (soft beige). I’m not an expert when it comes to top lid eyeliner but this marker/pen definitely improves my limited ability, I've even practiced some flicls! The one problem I have with this is that even though it's waterproof, it tends to disappear by the end of that day. Apart from that though, it's great and helperd me switch up my eye make up. 

3 May 2015

Beauty Essentials (and products) for Spring

Hey guys!

So I know it’s technically summer now, but here in Ireland summer doesn’t really start until June. It’s currently raining outside so I didn’t really feel like it was very relevant to do a ‘beauty essentials for summer post’ yet! But anyway these are just a few things I tend to use in Spring and I've also mentioned some of my fave products I use to achieve the different looks...

1 May 2015

Welcome to Catrionaar

Hey guys!

So, obviously I decided to start a blog. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time but I've always put it off, saying wait until college, wait until summer etc etc. 

But today I just said, why not go for it? There's no point in waiting for the perfect moment, live in the now and all that! So I am writing my first ever blog post at 10:30pm on the 1st of May 2015.