27 November 2015

My Top 10 Songs of 2015

Hey guys!

Music is a pretty big part of my life. I play the piano, take it as a subject in school and listen to my favourite songs pretty much every day. Whenever I’m feeling really stressed, I listen to some music and it helps every time. It also gets me pumped up if I’m listening to some rave tunes (haha, what?) with my friends, pre night out. Basically, music makes me happy. My favourite songs change quite often because I do listen to a lot of chart music and the Top 40 change all the time. So, I put together a list of my Top 10 favourite songs of 2015 (so far anyway!)

Beyoncé- 7/11
What a queen right? Around Easter I suddenly got really into Beyoncé. I’d liked a few of her songs before and liked them but was never a huge fan. But then I started listening to more of her stuff and she really is amazing, I especially like her more upbeat songs like 7/11 and she’s very women empowering which love!

Nicki Minaj- Trini Dem Girls
Also around Easter I started to really like Nicki Minaj. You probably just think of Anaconda when she’s mentioned but she’s actually got some great songs. I’d definitely recommend you listen to The Pinkprint (the album Trini Dem Girls is on)

Rihanna ft Kanye and Paul McCartney- Four Five Seconds
This was definitely a favourite of mine earlier on in the year. It’s a random mix of artists but I think it works well. I really like the guitar and harmonies in the song.

Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk
Bruno is one of my favourite artists so it was great to see him back in the charts earlier in the year. Uptown Funk is really fun and catchy BUT it was slightly ruined by being played on every radio station all day for a few months! (still like it though)

Troye Sivan- Fools
I loved Troye’s single Happy Little Pill last year and now he’s released a new album, eek! Wild has got some really great tracks on it, definitely worth a listen.

Lunchmoney Lewis- Bills
You know that songs that just make you think of summer? Well this (and Cheerleader) was my song of summer 2015.

 Years&Years- Shine

This summer I became Years&Years obsessed. I can’t claim to have been a life long fan or know much of their old music but Communion is a really amazing album. I love groups that play their own music and they’re really good at what they do.

The Weeknd- Hills

I’ve been listening to this song for several months now and I’m still not bored. Can’t Feel My Face is another great hit but it doesn’t quite beat Hills for me.

21 Pilots- Stressed Out
Stressed Out is pretty much my theme tune this year as I’m doing my Leaving Cert! In saying that 21 Pilot’s music has the opposite effect as it calms me down when I’m stressed. The duo are quite different and a bit alternative you could say, but I LOVE their style of music.

Justin Beiber- Where are you now
So Justin Beiber made a comeback and it was good. I never thought I would say I’m a Beleiber but he has just been dropping hit after hit, What Do You Mean, Sorry I’ve been a big fan of the Beibs lately!

So those are some tunes I’ve been loving this year. I presume for December I’ll be just listening to Christmas songs! I realise that I haven’t really done a very good job of describing exactly why I like the songs, I’m not very good at describing why I enjoy things but I tried! Basically I just like all these songs and hopefully gave you some new things to listen to.

Catriona xo

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