6 December 2015

My Christmas Wishlist 2015

Hey guys!

So first off, bit of a disclaimer- I don’t plan on asking for all these things for Christmas! For one, my birthday is 5 days after Christmas (I’ll finally be 18 eek!) so the presents will be spread out over Christmas and my birthday. As well as that I don’t necessarily want to get all these things as gifts from other people, I might buy them myself, gotta treat yourself too right?

Adidas Superstars/ Nike Air Force
Here’s the thing- I kinda have a shoe obsession.
I could make another blog post just about the shoes I’d like to get. Actually I don’t just want them I feel like I need them in my life. Is that dramatic? Well yeah but if you have my problem you’ll know what I mean! For about a year I’ve been craving the Nike Air Forces (white low tops to be specific), but now Adidas Superstars are becoming a thing and as they’re a more recent trend I feel like I would wear them more than the Nikes. Forget college decisions, choosing which pair of shoes I would like for Christmas is tough enough!

I’ve had a pink and white otterbox case on my phone for the past year. I say white but it’s pretty much grey now so I think it’s time for an upgrade. Otterbox’s are pretty expensive but they’re still only about half the price of getting your screen fixed. If you have and iPhone/Samsung Galaxy I’d definitely recommend you get one because I drop my phone a billion times a day and it’s still in perfect condition.

New Camera
I’d like a really good camera for my birthday. I have a Samsung digital camera which is quite good but a bit old now and I mostly just use my iPhone for taking pics. It’s mostly for the blog so that I can have really nice high quality photos. I know a few people with Canon cameras and they seem great. If you have any recommendations (that aren’t too pricey!) please leave them in the comment section

Black Leather Jacket
I feel like a leather jacket is something I really need in my wardrobe because I could get such good wear out of it. They’re perfect for nights out, especially in Ireland where you want to wear a dress but it’s freezing outside! You can also wear them just with jeans and a tshirt, so pretty versatile.

I already have a few scarves but I’d like another one or two. I have wooly scarves but I really like big patterned scarves recently. I’ve seen some nice ones in Penneys so might pick one up next time I’m shopping.

That’s pretty much it I think. Like I said I obviously don’t expect to get all these things and I’ll be happy with whatever I do get. I also genuinely love getting presents for my family and friends, I just think it’s kinda exciting and Iove when I find the perfect present. I might do a gift guide in the weeks coming up to the big day so keep your eyes peeled!

Catriona xo

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