5 January 2016

Winter Haul

Hey guys!


So these are some of my recent purchases. Some I got when I went to Scotland and a lot of stuff I picked up post Christmas!

The first four things are all from Primark. I needed a new hat and scarf and they had a great selection in Primark, especially lots of nice scarves! I’ve already worn this one lots and although I haven’t worn the hat that much I still love it and think it’s really cute.

Harry Potter socks woo! I gave a pair to my brother, a pair to my sister, a pair to my friend and kept one pair for myself. Mine are Gryffindor incase you’re wondering. Technically I’m Ravenclaw but I gave those to my sister so I’m happy to settle for the lion.

This top is simple but I really like it, and was looking for one like it for a while. It goes really well with black or white jeans. Love that monochrome!

I recently turned 18 and had a New Year’s Eve celebration so of course I needed an outfit for the night! I got this dress in a shop in Love Lisa in Cork. I thought the sparkles were pretty appropriate for the night and I got a lot of compliments so was pretty happy with my choice!

I had wanted a pair of black heels for ages and so decided to get some to go with the dress. I got this pair in the sales in New Look and I think they’re the perfect height because I’m quite small so I need a few extra inches yet they’re not impossible to walk in!

I thought that I might do a sparkle overload with this clutch but it was only 3euro in Penneys (Primark) so how could I resist?

I got a Waterstones voucher for Christmas and so bought these 3 books. I of course had to get Dan and Phil’s book because I love them and felt like I needed the book in my life. I also got these 2 fiction books which I hadn’t previously heard anything about but just picked up because I thought they sounded good. The lady at the counter told me that … is a great read so that’s positive!

For a while now I have been wanting a black leather bag. I got this one in Penneys and even though I think it’s a little plain I’m happy with my purchase. I know I’ll definitely use it lots because I have another small rucksack type bag and I use it all the time (except it’s broken now!)
I had heard good things about the Revlon Colourstay foundation and as I had a Boots voucher decided to treat myself. However the next time I went in they had a 2 for 20euro on Revlon face products offer so I couldnt resist getting another, plus I purchased the Revlon photo ready primer. They're both technically the Sandy Beige shade but one is for oily/combinatin skin and the other is for dry.
Also from Boots, I got this set of body sprays. The vanilla one was the thing that made me buy it because I love vanilla scented candle and who wouldn't want to smell like a candle? But actually I think the strawberry scent is my favourite because it's quite sweet.

Last but not least, this pair of black high waisted jeans. They’re another thing I can tick off my wishlist. They’re the ‘Jamie’ jeans from TopShop, they were pretty expensive but hopefully they’ll be worth it because I have another pair of black jeans which I wear loads plus I’m already thinking of lots of things I can pair them with!

I don’t know about you but I would say I’ve been pretty successful with shopping in the last few weeks. A lot of these things I have wanted for ages and also I don’t know when I’ll next be able to go shopping due to upcoming exams so this lot should keep me going for a good while!

Catriona xo


  1. That dress! And those Harry Potter socks!! Both are amazing! :D




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