24 December 2015

DIY Christmas- Decorations&Gifts

Hey guys!

Now I am about as unartistic as you can get. Drawing and painting and I just do not mingle well. I even have problems drawing diagrams in biology, seriously it’s that bad! However something I’m not too awful at is crafts. I still wouldn’t really call it my thing but I can handle a few artsy bits now and again. If you just go on Tumblr or Pinterest (I don’t use Pinterest but I’ve heard it’s great) you can find a ton of ideas and most of them are pretty easy. If you’re often broke, like me, then it’s a cheap way to Christmas up your room and give cool gifts for cheap.

If only I could make some this good!

I mean I did say this was going to be basic didn’t I? All you need for this is scissors, paper and some glitter if you want. Then just cut the paper into circles of different sizes (because no two snowflakes are the same), fold them a couple times and snip the ends and bits from the middle. Instant snow and you didn’t even have to leave your bedroom.

Paper Chains
Another DIY a 3 year old could handle, but I love them. Just get some different coloured paper/card, cut into strips, loop each piece around the next and staple. Literally that is all to get them Xmas vibes.

Calendars are great to give at Christmas considering the New Year is a week later. Why not make one yourself for family or friends? You can use templates or just make your own layout, it’s pretty simple. Then just get pictures of things they like or make a theme and personalise their calendar. I want to make a Dan and Phil one for my sister (yeah she’s also a huge fan, must be in the blood).

Photo Collage
Not the most original but I still think it’s a cute idea. Print out a couple of photos and either put them in a frame or you could stick them on a big piece of card. Then write quotes or inside jokes around the outside and if you’re not like me and you are actually artistic, you could draw a couple of things.

Those are a couple of things I thought of anyway. I know they’re all pretty simple but I think they’re still cool ideas. Hope these helped you out maybe!

Catriona xo

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