15 February 2016

3 Easy&Healthy Breakfasts

Hey guys!

Today I'm gonna share with you 3 healthy, and in my opinion, tasty breakfasts that I enjoy. I only realised after that I use oats in all of them, I don't actually eat oats every day they're just really handy! I didn't put in any of the measurings because I always just play it by ear.

Porridge with Fruit & Chia Seeds

What You Need:
Chia Seeds
I usually make porridge with water but of course you could use milk too! Normally I go for soft fruits, we had mango on that day and it was delicious. Pineapple is also surprisingly tasty on porridge!

Microwave Breakfast Muffin in a Mug

What You Need:
1 Egg
Dried Berries
Whoever invented cakes in a mug is just genius in my mind, This is so simple, just mix all the dry ingredients in a mug then add the egg and honey (I sometimes add some almond milk too) and microwave for about 2 minutes, basically until it's cooked all the way through.

Oaty Pancakes 

What You Need:
1 Egg
Almond Milk
Baking Powder

Pancakes are one of my favourite foods, so this healthy alternative is perfect for me. What I did was blend the oats in a blender, add all the other ingredients and cook them on the frying pan until slightly brown. You can then use any topping you like. I microwaved some home grown black currants and then added some honey cause blackcurrants are pretty tart alone. Trust me, they were delicious!

Well that's it! Let me know of any healthy and tasty breakfasts you make in the comments below. 

Until next time!

Catriona xo


  1. OMG those pancakes look dreamy! I'm always looking for healthy breakfast alternatives, great post!


  2. Loving the pancake recipe! I also like to add some whey protein in my pancake mixes to help make it more healthy. Such great recipes, thanks for sharing, xx
    Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

    1. Ooh good idea, that's not something I would usually buy but it could be a good addition! xo


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