3 April 2016

Revlon Colorstay Foundation&Revlon Photoready primer REVIEW

Hey guys!

So I mentioned in my Winter Haul post a while back that I bought the Revlon Colourstay foundation and the Revlon Photoready primer. Today, as you probably have already guessed from the title, I’m going to review both these products.
Now I had been eyeing up this foundation for a while. I had heard good things, but for a drugstore foundation I thought it was a bit on the pricey side (it retails for about 18euro in Ireland). However I received some Boots vouchers for Christmas and I thought might as well give it a go.
I think you can imagine how annoyed I was when I went back a week later to the very same Boots and saw that they were having a 2 for €20 offer on Revlon face products! So to suppress my anger I decided that I was still going to benefit from this offer and bought another Colourstay foundation and the Photoready primer.

So enough of the back story let’s get on with the good stuff! The two foundations are both in the shade 180 sand beige, however one is for normal/dry skin and the other is for combination/oily skin because my skin can vary. For some reason they’re actually slightly different colours, the dry/normal is a bit darker so I tend to use that when I’m going out and the combination/oily for everyday use.

I would definitely have to say that this foundation gives very good coverage. Normally I only have to use a small bit of concealer with it because pretty much everything is already concealed. It has a sort of thick consistency without feeling like it’s clogging your pores. It’s quite natural looking, especially the lighter shade but at the same time you can still tell you’re wearing makeup, I mean it is foundation! Also the staying power is amazing. The one drawback of this foundation is that there’s no pump!! I have to just pour a bit out on my hand and hope it doesn’t go everywhere.

To be honest I don’t exactly know what to say about the primer other than it does its job! It feels really smooth when you put it on and I do think it makes my makeup last better though honestly I haven’t done a proper with/without comparison. Compared to other primers though, which usually come in small tubes, there seems to be a lot of product in it, so you’re getting your money’s worth. I really just got it because of the offer because although the foundation is pretty great I didn’t think I needed 3!

So to finish, I would recommend the Revlon Colourstay foundation. It is that bit more expensive than most drugstore foundations and though I do really like it, there definitely are other options that would be almost or as good for less. In saying that though, it is only a couple of euros extra and I think it is probably worth it because of the quality. The Revlon Photoready primer seems like a pretty run of the mill primer to me. If all you want is something to keep your makeup on your face (like me!) then it’s as good as any and you do get a lot of bang for your buck.

Until next time,
Catriona xo


  1. These look really good! I always go for the cheaper products because I don't usually wear much makeup, but I'd definitely try these if I did hahaha Great review! | Acqua xx

    1. Same usually haha! But I was really impressed with both these products, maybe look out for deals cause they're definitely worth a try! xo

  2. i wish i bought a darker shade of revlon colorstay foundation. the one that i am using is not doing its best job :(
    but anyways i still love the foundation!!

    jess x |

    1. Oh no :( It is hard to find the right shade you can see even two I got with the same name are slightly different! xo

  3. These look like great products, I've never tried the colour stay foundation but might pick it up it sounds good :) xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  4. This is a great post! I never really use primers so I might think about trying this! x


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