14 April 2016

March Favourites

Hey guys!
I haven’t done a favourites post in aaages because to be honest I use the same things all the time! The only things that really change regularly are the songs I listen to and shows I watch. But anyway I thought I would do one this month because I love hearing about other people’s favourites.


I mentioned in Top 5 BB Creams that I really like the Garnier BB cream except for the fact that it’s quite oily. So I decided to buy the oil free version to prevent the shiny face dilemma. I really love it, I’ve worn it pretty much every day that I’ve worn makeup this month. It could actually be my new favourite BB.

So technically I’ve had this Montibel.lo Smart Touch hair treatment for ages but I only really started using it recently when my last hair spray thing ran out, I spritz some in to my hair when wet and it helps keep frizz at bay. However I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the Revlon uniqone because it doesn’t get rid of tangles.


If you read my Trying Coconut Oil post then you’ll already know that I’ve been trying out coconut oil lately. I use this in the evenings to take off my makeup and cleanse my face. It’s a little more work than other makeup removers because you have to melt it between your hand but oh my gosh nothing takes eye makeup off as well as coconut oil, trust me!

Usually I put a pair of trackies on every day after school. But because I have exams soon and spent a lot of my 2 and a half week Easter break studying (have you ever heard anything sadder?) I have been living in comfy trackies. However when I do leave the house there’s something I reach for every single time and that is my black highwaisted jeans from Topshop. They’re just so comfy and I have a lot of tops that are that awkward in between cropped and full length so they’re perfect for wearing with them.  Honestly I’d say they’re the only jeans I’ve worn in about 2 months.


My dad always gets me and my sister and brother books and to be honest we are a very reading-y family (can you tell by my high standard of English right now?). He lent this book to me recently and I think I finished it in 3 or 4 days which, would be normal enough when I was 10 and had all the time in the world but these days is really rare. The story is based on this girl who passes the same house on her train trip every day and she imagines the life of the couple living inside it. Then a tragedy strikes and suddenly she’s involved in their lives for real and it’s a lot more complicated than she thought. That description doesn’t do the book justice at all but it was definitely one of those “can’t put down” books!

In the last week or two of March I started watching House of Cards on Netflix. At first I watched a lot of episodes in a row but now that I’m back at school it’s been a while since I last watched one. I think I’m only about 8 episodes in so I can’t tell if I definitely really like it yet but so far I’m enjoying it.


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Surprise surprise a Years&Years songs is in my favourites this month. I’ve been loving ‘Breathe’ it’s another one of their songs that I listen to if I’m feeling sad or stressed out or worried. To be honest Years&Years and 21 Pilots have been my number 1 de-stressers this stressful Leaving Cert year.
Another song I’ve been loving is ‘Gold’ by Kiaara. Not gonna lie I have danced around in my room to this song many times. It’s really cool and sorta edgy and well, a great dancing song!
I’ve also been playing a lot of piano this month in preparation for my Leaving Cert music practical in 2 weeks (eek!). I always have this thing that I dread practicing when I’m starting off a piece but as soon as the tune starts to come together I love it. I’ve been playing piano for 7 years now and I still get soo nervpus playing on front of people!

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Well I love chocolate every month of every year but it was Easter this March so I indulged… a lot. I adore Galaxy chocolate and I got this big Galaxy chocolate egg and also Galaxy Golden Eggs which were delicious. Unfortunately they didn’t last very long!


Even though I was studying I still had time for 2 nights out over Easter! On Paddy’s night I went to a club in Cork with 2 friends which was a fun night. I also went to friend’s 18th and I don’t know how you celebrate 18th’s in your country but very often we would go to a pub and then onto a nightclub after. I had so much fun getting ready, I think sometimes that can be the best part of the night! But overall this was a really really great night out and I think I’ll be able to be unsociable now for the  next couple of months until my exams are over!

So those have been my faves this month. Maybe it'll be another 6 months until my next! Hope you enjoyed :)

Catriona xo


  1. People have been recommending The Girl On The Train to me for ages! I have it on my list, let's see if I like it ^^ | Acqua xx

    1. It's one of those really gripping books, hope you love it! xo


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