24 September 2015

4 Outfits for a Night Out

Hey guys!

As a 17 year old teenager I do enjoy a good night out. I know going out partying isn’t for everyone and that’s totally fine. I love sitting at home watching Netflix on my laptop but I think it’s really fun to dress up, go dancing with my friends and talk to new people too! So I thought I would put together a few outfits that you could wear to “go out on the town” as they say (I don’t think anyone actually ever says that). They’re categorised because different occasions call for different kinds of outfits and sometimes you might just want to switch it up!

Often when you’re going out, you just want to be comfortable. A playsuit or jumpsuit is the perfect outfit because it allows you to move freely. The only problem is when you go to the bathroom and have to get fully undressed! I love this jumpsuit from Boohoo because it’s so easy to throw on but because of how patterned it is and the open back, it looks like you made a lot of effort. I paired it with sandals though heels would look good too.


I’ve had this bodycon from New Look for a while now but I still love it.I think the black and white floral print make it that bit more fancy. I paired it with the only pair of heels I ever wear at the moment which I bought on Ebay last year. You’d be surprised how many different outfits red heels suit!


Some nights out don’t require extravagant outfits, or occasionally I just don’t feel getting dressed up! White jeans are perfect for these kind of nights out because even though they’re just jeans, white makes them seem that little bit more dressy. I got this grey crop top from Forever 21 and paired the outfit with some laid back converse. I also threw a denim shirt over, I think a leather jacket would go really nice with this outfit, just too bad I don't own one!


Going out is the perfect time to experiment with style. The sort of outfits you might not wear during the day are perfectly acceptable on a night out. I love this Aztec skirt from Boohoo which I wore with a coral coloured crop top from New Look and grey Vans. It's actually a very simple outfit but the colours and patterns make it much more playful.

Those are the main types of outfits I would usually wear anyway. Hopefully this helped you if you're out partying soon!

Catriona xo


  1. Those are great night out looks! I especially love the crop and jeans.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

    1. Thank you! It's probably one of my fave looks too! xo


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