17 September 2015

Beauty Essentials for Autumn

Hey guys!

I realised in the last few days that I’m actually quite excited for it to be autumn. Normally I think autumn is that forgotten season in between summer holidays and the Christmas season. But since it hit September first I’ve been looking forward to wooly jumpers, fires and dark colours (I mean like burgundy, khaki, burnt orange y’know?) Don’t worry I’m not gonna even mention PSL, because I’ve never actually had one (am I even a white girl??) But really it must be my Irish soul that secretly loves rain pattering on the pavements and the sun going down at 5 o’clock. Autumn and winter pretty much roll into one big winter in Ireland by the way, so that’s why  it sounds like I’m describing the middle of December, not the start of September! Anyway enough with the rambling on with the ambling (through my autumn essentials).

Autumnal Eyeshadows
I think in autumn I wear less shimmery shades and more rich shades. I love a nice gold or bronze colour, especially since I have blue eyes. I’m also a fan of purple/red shades even though I’m lacking on them, an autumn makeup shop is in need I think!

Dark Lipstick
This is the one. This is the reason I can’t wait for autumn makeup. I fell in love with burgundy/wine lipstick last winter and it took all my self restraint not to wear it all through summer so I would actually be able to switch up my routine come the colder months. It’s definitely my favourite colour lipstick to wear, it just adds so much to a look. This particular Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick (30) is so good, I love it.

It’s not that I don’t wear foundation in summer it’s just that in summer I’d be more likely to go for a tinted moisturiser or bb cream if I don’t want a heavy face of make-up. These are the two foundations I switch between, the Rimmel is a tiny bit too dark and the L’oreal is a bit light. The struggle to find the perfect skin match is so real!

Dark Nail Polish
As with lipsticks, in autumn I stay away from brighter shades. I like to go for greys, wines and bronzes. Also maybe a bit of black every now and again can’t go wrong!

Lip Balm
Colder months means chapped lips. I have quite a big collection of lip balms and I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever bought one or two so I’m not sure how that happened! My favourites at the moment are this delicious smelling Nivea one, my Maybelline Baby Lips and this sweet Body Shop.

Well that's pretty much it for my autumn essentials. There'll probably be a winter one up later on in the year though most of the essentials are the same!

Catriona xo


  1. This has been a lovely distraction whilst my family have forced me to watch dr.who this evening haha! Thank you!!! (lifesaver) xx

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    1. You're very welcome!! Haha just love mandatory family viewing time, don't you? ;) xo

  2. Love your makeup collection for autumn !

    -Lily from


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