13 December 2015

OOTD- Trip to Scotland

Hey guys!

At the start of this week myself and my dad went to Scotland for two nights. I am applying to two universities there so I wanted to check them out and also the areas they're located. I would describe Scotland as a bigger version of Ireland. It is fairly similar in that it's pretty grey and freezing in these winter months and also the Scottish language actually looks really like Irish because they're both Celtic. Anyway I really enjoyed my time there, the people were so friendly and it's a really nice place so fingers crossed I get a place in a university!

The reason why I  didn't include the outfit for day one is that I forgot to take a picture and also I was coming over on that day so I just wore a burgundy jumper and comfy pants!
Day 2

On this day we walked around Glasgow a lot and walked to the university because it's really close to the city, so I wore my beloved Nike Roshes. I also wore a white shirt which I got in a charity shop, a denim jacked from Penneys/Primark, jeans from Forever 21, and a scarf from Boohoo.

Day 3

I actually forgot to take pictures of this outfit until I was at home so I'm not wearing any shoes, but I was wearing my Vans and later my Roshes that day. My jeans are again from Forever 21 (they have really good cheap jeans there!), my long sleeve thin black jumper is from Boohoo and I picked up my shirt in a market place in Dublin.

So that is what I wore during my trip to Scotland. I hope you enjoyed this post, I really like OOTD so there will probably be more to come!

Catriona xo


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