27 August 2015

The School Survival Guide

Hey guys!

Ok so I’m pretty much crying while writing this cause the thought of going back to school next Monday. NOPE. As usual summer lasted about 8.39937432 seconds. I sorta feel like I did nothing for the whole 3 months but actually I did tons, probably my most productive summer ever. I spent 3 weeks in Irish college, went on a 2 week holiday, had a good few nights out and actually managed to keep in touch with most of my friends the whole summer. So the fact that I’ve had one of the best summers yet combined with the fact that I’m facing my final school year and have to do my Leaving Cert (A levels/Final Finals/you get the point) means that I am not 100% looking forward to it. So as I’m pretty much done with secondary school (high school) I thought I would share my tips on how to get through “the best days of your life”.

Ok look, yes I am AWFUL at Photoshop. But this is the first thing I've ever made on it and I have the artistic skills of a one legged dog so let's just appreciate the effort I went to. Also if you get where this picture is from then we should talk. 

1.   Avoid the dramz
So yeah in movies it sounds like fights and bitchiness are exciting but in reality it’s really not cool. We’re all going to gossip a bit, it happens but just try and make sure that what you say won’t actually hurt somebody. Also if a friend has a fight with someone, let them know you've got their back but try not to get involved in it too much. Obviously if they’re getting bullied you should get right in there and report the bully but if it’s more of a ‘omg she called me this so then I called her that etc’ it’s best to stay out of it.

2.   Have your own opinion
Us teenagers are very impressionable. We easily just go along with what other people say without really thinking about how we actually feel. It can be difficult because some people like to state their opinions as if they’re facts and won’t stand for other people actually having a mind of their own. When you encounter these people you just got to know that it is ok not to agree with everything they say and if they can’t handle that, then they’re just immature. Also if you like something/do something that other people might call weird, own it. Often people respect others for saying what they think and it’s normal to be different.

3.   Don’t compete to be Queen B
It is so so hard not to get sucked into the constant popularity battle in school. Especially during the first few years of secondary school, it can seem like being “popular” is everything. But look at it this way, who is actually going to remember these people 10 years after you’ve finished school? If you already have a great group of friends, don’t strive to be friends with those in the cool gang. It really doesn’t matter, you can’t put ‘I was popular in high school’ on your CV can you?

Look, we all love Netflix and TV and a good book but try not to leave your homework til last minute. It seems cruel that after 7 hours in school you have to come home and do hours of homework and study. Sometimes it can be hard to fit it in with afterschool activities and sport. It’s not the most important thing in the world but it’s still important. If you try to put in as much effort as you can to school work it’ll really pay off. Look at it this way, you’re never going to regret doing your homework.

5.   Don’t stress out about the small stuff
School can be HARD. Friends, bullies, teachers, tests, homework, there’s a lot to deal with. And sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes you fail a test, or drift apart from a friend or someone’s really horrible to you for no reason. It’s difficult to just brush these things off. When I get stressed out about stuff like that I just think, will I still worry about this when I’m like 27? These things can seem huge at the moment but you gotta remember that school does end (and then you’ve got jobs and family and taxes to worry about, yay!). It’s much easier to pick out the crappy stuff but just try and think about all the good things that have happened. Try to enjoy it while it lasts so you’ll have some amazing memories to look back on.

Well writing this has made me a tiny bit more enthusiastic about returning to school so hopefully it helped some of you too. And if you’re starting secondary school for the first time, good luck and have fun!!

Catriona xo 


  1. Really good tips sweetie ;)
    ..and haha, you did tons this summer, but no matter what, it always ends too soon and would wanna do so much more or lie around and do nothing (like me). x)

    It's funny, but being and in school, it really was the "best time in my life" at least one of them, but didn't want to believe it then. Was thinking school is such a drag and can't wait for it to be over, but actually all the people and being together, it was so much fun!

    I hope you'll have a great time studying! ^___^

    ♥ Frillycakes ♥

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah the summer just never seems long enough!! I know that once I'm finished I'll definitely miss it but right now I cant wait for it to be over haha! xo


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