3 August 2015

OOTD 3/8/15

Hey guys!
Just a little outfit of the day for ye..

So I kinda failed at taking a full length pic outside, so I had to resort to a mirror selfie with my phone. Let's be real, it's the best way to take photos.

Kimono- H&M (I got it last year so I doubt it's still there, soz)
Top- Penneys/Primark
Jeans- Forever 21
Socks- Dunnes Stores
Shoes- Vans
Sunglasses- Penneys/Primark
Anklet- Random tourist shop in Cornwall

It's actually really windy and cold outside so the chances of me staying in the kimono are pretty slim. Later I'm going to see a movie with my friend except it's outside in a park, which should be pretty cool (or else just really cold). I love socks with frilly bits on them. I was looking for ages but I could only find them in Topshop where they were like a zillion euros for one sock but then I found these in Dunnes (if you're not from Ireland, it's a store we have here, like a supermarket but there's clothes too) and I was like ya I'll take 10 pairs thanks. I really love my vans too BUT I've barely had them 6 months and they're already falling apart, not impressed with the quality Vans!! Also I meant to add a necklace but completly forgot. OOPS.

That's all, I'm just rambling now. Maybe I'll do another OOTD soon but to be honest most days I'm in trackies and a hoodie so I don't know how much style inspo you could get from that.

Catriona xo


  1. Oh, I love this kimono! You look great :)


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