7 May 2015

April Favourites

Hey guys!
Here's a few things that I've been loving this April 2015!

Makeup: Two makeup products I’ve used a lot in the last month, both Rimmel, are the Scandal Eyes precision micro eyeliner and the Lasting Finish foundation (soft beige). I’m not an expert when it comes to top lid eyeliner but this marker/pen definitely improves my limited ability, I've even practiced some flicls! The one problem I have with this is that even though it's waterproof, it tends to disappear by the end of that day. Apart from that though, it's great and helperd me switch up my eye make up. 

I adore this foundation too. I generally only wear foundation on nights out (and bb cream/tinted moisturiser on normal days) but as this gives such good coverage, I've been wearing it quite a lot lately. I had a bottle before and it lasted me aaaages but then again I didn't use it every day.

Skincare: Since its technically summer now I decided it was time to switch to a moisturiser with a high SPF. This Garnier Moisture Match illuminating light lotion is moisturising, sinks in quickly and smells amazing. It just makes me think of summer and sunny days and, well I just really have been loving it!

Clothes: I picked up these white jeans and charcoal running leggings in Penneys last month. I don’t know if I can really count the jeans as an April favourite considering I never actually wore them in April! I kept wanting to but the right occasion just never came up, however they’re definitely my favourite clothing item I purchased last month. I know you can’t see much of them from the picture, but the leggings are ankle length and have sort of black spots along the back of where your calf would be. I guess there’s nothing particularly special about them, I just like the colour.

Book: I really like this book ‘Tumble & Fall’ by Alexandra Couts that my dad got me for Christmas. It follows three people’s stories, Sienna, Caden and Zan for the week before an asteroid is due to hit Earth. A bit of romance, a bit of mystery, with some sad moments and some happy and hopeful, would definitely recommend this book.

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Technology: My biggest obsession this April was the series Suits. Wow, like seriously love it. It’s pretty hard to binge watch anything at the moment with school, study and after school stuff while still trying to have a social life but trust me I tried. I think it might actually be my favourite programme ever. Unfortunately though I’m finished season 3 and season 4 isn’t on Netflix but I’ll have to see it somehow soon.

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Person: I’ve been a big fan of YouTube for the past year, I love watching YouTubers and daily vloggers. Recently I can’t get enough of Joe Sugg’s vlogs (ThatcherJoeVlogs). It’s weird that just watching someone else’s life could be so entertaining but I will procrastinate for ages just watching “one more video”. Joe’s definitely my fave YouTuber at the moment, he’s so funny I feel like I sort of know him from watching his vlogs. Is that sad? It definitely is but whatever, he really is great!

Soo that’s it for this month’s favourites, hopefully I’ll try and keep this up for the coming months.

Catriona xo

By the way, sorry about the weird font in this again, I literally tried to fix it about 20 times but it just won't look the way I want. Aggh blogger problems!!

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