24 May 2015

My Top 4 Drugstore Concealers

Hey guys!

I was gonna call this post ‘the best drugstore concealers’ but then I thought that I haven’t actually tried all the concealers in the pharmacy so I couldn’t really claim to know the best! So here are just 4  concealers that I really like out of the ones that I have tried.

1.     Collection (no longer2000!) Lasting Perfection
Ok you probably saw this one coming! Pretty sure every beauty blogger and YouTuber ever has talked about this. There’s a reason though because this concealer gives really good coverage, which is something I particularly appreciate because I have quite a lot of spots to cover. It’s good value for money too (even though they have brought up the price of this recently, probably because it’s so popular!)
2.     Rimmel Wake Me Up
This is a great under eye concealer. It’s actually the first undereye concealer I’ve tried because I don’t really tend to get bags or anything under my eyes. I’ll probably repurchase this next time I need an undereye concealer because it covers up any darkness I do have under my eyes and just generally lightens that area up a little bit.
3.     Maybelline Fit Me
This is my second favourite concealer for covering imperfections. I actually sometimes use this over my Collection concealer and foundation if I can still see a few spots peeking through. Again, this gives good coverage and it suits my skin tone a bit better than the Collection.
4.     Seventeen StayTime
Another concealer worth a purchase. This is more of a medium coverage concealer, so great if you just want to cover up a little redness or something. I use this on the days I don't feel like doing a full face of makeup but don't want to be completely bare faced either!

I was thinking about doing 5 concealers but there were 2 others I couldn't decide between for 5th place and I didn't really love either of them that much so decided to stick with 4!

Catriona xo 

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