14 May 2015

Real Techniques Brushes Review (Core Collection and Duo Fibre)

Hey guys!

 A couple of months ago I purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection makeup brushes. I liked them so much that I recently purchased the Duo-Fibre set too.

In my opinion these brushes are the best brushes you can buy in a pharmacy (or drugstore as they say in the US!).
A lot of them can be used for several different purposes and the actual quality of the bristles, or whatever they’re called, is great. The brushes are soft, look really pretty and blend make up so well. Although they’re some of the cheapest brushes on the market I know that they can be quite expensive in Irish pharmacies so I always buy them from the website, I mean why spend if you can save? In saying that, they feel like they’re worth more than I paid for them and I know that a lot of make up professionals use them so they’re obviously up there with the big names like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Sigma etc.

I would say I prefer the core collection to the duo fibre set because sometimes it’s hard to know if you actually have any product on the duo fibre brushes. That’s only because they’re so light and fluffy though!

My favourite brush out of them all is probably the buffing brush. I used to use this for powder but since I got the duo fibre brush I started using it for foundation (obviously I washed it inbetween!) The foundation brush from the core collection is a bit small for foundation but great for concealer. I also love duo fibre eyeshadow brush because it applies a lot of eyeshadow without having to swirl it in the palette for too long.

So here's what I generally use each brush for:

1.Powder 2.Highlighter/blush (contour brush) 3.Eyeshadow

1.Concealer (foundation brush) 2.Eye details/liner 3.Foundation (buffing brush) 4.Bronzer

I really do like these brushes and would 100% recommend them. They’re such good quality for the price and there’s a brush for everything too.

Just saying, my next post probably won’t be another review, I just really wanted to do a Real Techniques review cause I got new brushes. No harm in two in a row anyway I guess!

Catriona xo

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