31 July 2015

July Favourites

Hey guys!

It’s time for another monthly favourites. I skipped June because I spent 3 weeks of that in Irish college so it would probably just have consisted of biscuits, catchy Irish college songs and insect repellent (I’ve never seen so many midges in my LIFE). But now it’s back, my JULY FAVOURITES 2015 (I don’t know why I’m making this so dramatic)


First up is kinda obvious if you read my UK Haul posts. I got Nike Roshes in England and I am IN LOVE. Before I did sorta want them but I didn’t realise that without them something was missing in my life. They have filled the Nike shaped hole in my heart. That sounds sad but I’m not even sorry.
To try and make me feel more summery, since it’s really too cold in Ireland to wear shorts, I’ve been wearing these floral print jeans. I bought them in Turkey last summer but for some reason hadn’t really worn them much until this summer. They are kinda hard to match, I normally just wear them with white.

You’ll also recognise this if you read my haul post, the L’oreal True Match foundation. I’ll admit I still prefer the Rimmel Lasting Perfection but this has a lighter formula and better for day-today wear. It’s very un-cakey if you know what I mean.
Also because I’ve been surfing and in the sea, my Maybelline The Rocket Volume mascara has been getting a lot of wearage this month. I will say though that while it doesn’t come off in water, it does smudge under my eyes, not really a good look for me.

Even though it’s not sunny in Ireland and I wasn’t exactly melting in England either, I’ve been trying to wear suncream every day. Some days I don’t bother cause I know that I’ll be in my room all day and when I eventually drag myself off my laptop to exercise, I’ll probably do a workout on my floor. What? Don’t pretend like you don’t have ‘stay in bed all day’ days. Anyway when I do venture out I like to be protected against those rays.

Before we went on holidays to England my dad bought us all a few books. This is one of the ones he gave me. It’s so different to any other book I’ve read and just a tiny bit mind blowing. It’s hard for me to expain anything without giving away the plot but I’d definitely recommend you buy it.

So season 3 of Orange Is the New Black came out while I was in Irish college. Considering I didn’t watch any the 2 weeks I was in England, I think it took me about 2 weeks to finish. That’s pretty good going for me considering I usually have a few series going on at the same time. I love how I’m proud of finishing a show quickly, like life goals that’s what we should all be trying to achieve. Anyway season 3 was really good, some were disappointed but I thought it was just as good as the first 2 seasons. I like how it’s less focused on Piper and you get to know more about the other characters.

That’s all.
Technically this only happened in the last week but I’ve watched enough of his videos in the last 7 days to count as a June favourite. No really though, I don’t know what happened, I’d been subscribed for a while but I’d only watched a few of his videos and now suddenly, OBSESSION. By the way his name is danisnotonfire on YouTube. I’m slightly worried like I always have a YouTuber or a few that will be my favourite for a while and then I sorta move on a bit (as in I still watch them just not as obsessively). But this is extreme because I’m only watching Dan’s videos now. I haven’t been watching Joe Sugg’s (though that’s mostly because he hasn’t put up anything in ages grr). My faves are Dan and Phil videos but I can’t even let myself get drawn into AmazingPhil’s channel too. Seriously I’m concerned for myself.

Songs I’ve been loving this month are House Every Weekend David  Zowie , Trap Queen Fetty Wrap and Worth It Fifth Harmony. By now Worth It has gotten to the stage where I’ve heard it so much it’s annoying but I did listen to it a lot in June. I always love the charts music in summer, maybe because I have more time listen to music or something but also the songs are always happy and summery (wow what a good description). I love when you hear a song and you’re like that sounds like summer 2012.

So, I’ve just recently got into Tumblr. I had a Tumblr for a while and I used to just use it for looking at people with way cooler fashion than me but now I’m properly getting into it. Mostly I reblog fashion, travel, youtubers and Harry Potter. Gotta admit though some of the fanfics and fandom gifs slightly terrify me. I completely forgot aswell that I actually made a tumblr for my blog! It’s catrionaar, go follow me and I’ll send you a free toaster (maybe).


When I was in England (what Catriona you were in England? Haven’t mentioned that yet), we spent a week in Cornwall. Incase you don’t know Cornwall’s a place in the south of England with lots of beaches. Not that beaches are that exotic to me since Ireland is an island but still it was nice to spend a week by the sea. We were in Polzeath and I went surfing every single day which was really fun. Also got in a bit of body boarding but not very much sunbathing because it wasn’t really hot. Even though me sunbathing is completely pointless with my forever pale skin, I should just embrace that WHITE IRISH COMPLEXION. Still it was a really enjoyable week and as I’ve mentioned before I love being by the sea.

This post was accidently really long so I'm going to finish up now, byeeeeeee! 

Catriona xo

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