30 October 2015

5 Things To Do On Halloween

Hey guys!

One day until Halloween, yay! Is there a name for this day? I’m going to call it pre ween night. Preen? No, ok I’ll stop now. Anyway as it’s Halloween tomorrow I thought I’d write about some of the things you could get up to on the spooky night.

Party it up

Halloween and New Years Eve are the best time for partying in my opinion. Going to a party or just hitting the town on Halloween night gives you the chance to wear crazy clothes and make-up you would never normally wear on a night out. Want some ideas? Check out my latest post, vampire make-up.

Celebrate at home
If you’re not such a big fan of going out, then why not have a fun night in? Invite some friends around or just enjoy it with your family! There’s loads of Halloween games you could play like bobbing for apples, getting the peanut off the pile of flour or the one where you tie an apple on a string and have to bite it sans hands. They may sound childish but I’m almost 18 and I would happily still play them! (maybe that just says something about me though)

 Do some baking
Google some recipes and get creative. You could keep it simple with toffee apples or go all out with something like this amazing cake I saw on Tumblr. There’s tons of Halloween inspired ideas out there and you get something delicious at the end so very worth it!

Watch a Halloween movie
I hate horror films, I just absolutely can not do them. But, hey if that’s what you’re into what better time to stick on a terrifying movie? Or if you’re not up for that (I feel ya) why not watch something like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Hocus Pocus.

Dress Up
It’s the one time of year you can literally wear anything you want. Even if you’re just chilling at home, you could try and see how many costumes you could come up with from the clothes in your wardrobe. Then use any make-up you have to produce a scary face. Sounds kinda lame but I love doing this, trust me it is actually fun! Then you could send a few snaps to your friends or upload a pic to Instagram, it’s full of people dressing up around this time anyway! There are so many videos on YouTube giving Halloween costume ideas so stick a few on and get inspired.

There’s loads more things to do on all Hallows eve too. I’m really getting into Halloween this year even though normally I don’t care too much. I think I’ll be going out with my friends and if not you’ll find me on the couch, probably wearing black, eating some spooky treats and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Happy Halloweeeen!

Catriona xo

First four images were sourced from Google Images


  1. Cute ideas, Love your Halloween makeup, looks so cool. Happy Halloween, girl

  2. I love Halloween! Such a fun holiday. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Halloween's my fav - love these ideas, and your makeup!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  4. I usually celebrate at home by just dressing up :) Although this time I went to a party

    Diwali OOTD on Style.. A Pastiche

    1. I often do too, it's still fun! Hope it was good :) xo

  5. I just had an operation so i’ve slept for literally three weeks and i’m having so much fun catching up on your content!! xxx

    Pink Sleep In roller Review

    1. Omg good luck in your recovery! Thank you! xo


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