3 October 2015

A Very Small Candle Haul

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you a few things I picked up in town recently. It really is a tiny haul but I decided I would write a post on it anyway just because I love everything I got. Also if you’ll believe it the whole lot came to just under 7 euro so I’m pretty proud of that too! Not much beats the feeling of picking up some great bargains does it? Everything is candles or candle related because I’ve burned up my others and wanted some new scents in my room.

The first two candles are from Dunnes Stores which is a supermarket/houseware/clothing shop we have here in Ireland. I of course had to choose a vanilla scented candle because it’s one of my favourite scents and I have one on the go pretty much all the time. Vanilla is such a relaxing and soothing smell.

Secondly is geranium and rose. I’m not normally a huge fan of rose scented things so it’s lucky that this candle doesn’t really smell like rose at all! It has a really fresh flowery scent that is kinda like a boy smell if you know what I mean. The good boy smell that is, like deodorant not like sweaty post-sport smell!

This candle from Primark is perfect for the winter season. It smells like Christmas cookies baking in the oven. Mmmm it actually makes me crave cold nights and fires and, cookies of course. Plus I love how it’s in a mason jar, it’s so cute don’t ya think?

Since the candles from Dunnes aren’t in containers I went to two different charity shops to pick up these make shift candle holders. The first is a little sugar bowl and I like it because of the pattern,  it  reminds me of something my granny would have so maybe it’s a sign I’m ageing!

I love this little baby blue tea cup. I think it looks really pretty and dainty and is perfect for candle holding. Best thing about it though? It cost me 60 cent. Just goes to show you can find some great stuff in charity shops!

So I have to go now and indulge myself in all these candle scents. Hope you enjoyed this post, leave me a comment with any candle recommendations!

Catriona xo

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