26 October 2015

Vampire Makeup

Hey guys!

So, Halloween is this Saturday and I'm really buzzing for it this year. Usually I don't get into Halloween that much but I'm really excited for it. I've been watching lots of YouTube tutorials lately trying to get inspired. I've decided that I'm going to keep it quite simple and be a vampire so here's the sort of make up gives you that vampy vibe!

Starting with the base, use white facepaint or your palest foundation. My foundation isn't really light enough and the lighting is very yellowy but I think it would work best with pale skin. Next add your usual concealer and powder. Then it's time to contour and what I did was use my bronzer first and then went over it with grey eyeshadow to get that defined face look.

For my eyes I started off using white to highlight my brow bone and inner corner. Then I put grey eyeshadow on my lid and black on the outer corner and blended. With a liquid liner I drew a line across my lid finishing with a flick. Lastly I added mascara.

Next I added some vampy touches my lining my lower lash line all the way and putting some purple eyeshadow underneath. I actually think red eyeshadow would work best but unfort I don't have any. Then for the "veins" I used a lip brush and grey eyeshadow to draw wriggly lines under my eyes. I then used an eyeshadow blender brush to fade them a little.

To complete the look I applied some dark lipstick. I put black eyeshadow to the corner of my mouth and blended inwards for a more bloody look and voilĂ , a vampire!

So, hope this inspired some of ye. It's so fun doing Halloween make up because it's the one time of year you can just really go wild!

Catriona xo

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