11 October 2015

What's In My Night Away Bags

Hey guys!

Sometimes if I'm going away for just one or two nights I don't want to have to pack all my makeup, face stuff etc. So I have these two little overnight kit bags which I bring with me, and they are just so handy. One of them has all the stuff I might need for the bathroom and the other one is beauty bits. My sister actually made up the beauty bag for me and I just added a couple of things to it. Goes to show these little bags make great presents too because I use mine all the time!

The Bathroom Bag

So this little bag contains all the things I might need in the bathroom. There's a little Simple trio set (which didn't actually come as a set!) including eye make up remover, cleanser and moisturisers. Essentials really. You can get all the mini face stuff, toothpaste and shampoos at Boots, they always have a little stand with them and there's nearly always a 3 for 2 offer as well! I also have a mini packet of wipes, even though I don't use wipes normally they're really handy after a night out when I'm wearing a lot of make-up. To keep my hair off my face I have a stretchy hair band which is perfect becuase it takes up very little room. I also have some cotton pads for make-up removal. I keep pads and tampons in every bag I own because as I'm sure all girls know, you can't be too prepared! Lastly I have a tooth brush, toothpaste and mouthwash. Again stuff that I use every night/morning and would need if I was away!
The Beauty Bag

On to my beauty bits and bobs! I might not always have time to shower when I'm away but I still want to smell good and that's when these mini deodorant and body spray come into action! I love this Impulse 'Very Pink' scent, I used to have a bigger version but unfortunately it's all gone *cries*. Anyway, if I do have time to shower it's handy that I have a mini body wash and these Aussie shampoo and conditioner, which are really good. Of course bobbles and hair slides are essentials because my mane often requires taming. A nail file is something I wouldn't think to pack but nothing annoys me more than when my nail breaks/becomes uneven and I have no way of smoothing it out! A lipbalm is another thing that's really handy to have where ever I go and this one is Tango apple flavoured which is one of my favourite drinks. Lastly the make up things. I definitely could not survive (possibly a tiny bit dramatic) without something to cover my spots so I have an MUA concealer and I thought I had a powder in there too but apparently not. One of the things my sister had already put in this bag was the Rimmel scandal eyes liquid eyeshadow which is so handy because you don't need a brush and it makes it look like you spent time doing your make-up! And of course I have a mascara in there, a mini Smashbox one which is really good, because I can't have naked eye balls ya know?

Hopefully this gave you some ideas for making up little bags of your own, I promise you they are so so handy! Until next time, 

Catriona xo 


  1. Great post! I've really got to try the Rimmel liquid eyeshadow sometime soon, it sounds fab x

    Thahira's Thoughts

    1. Thank you! It definitely makes eyeshadow easier anyway! xo

  2. Glad you have a good routine down! Packing is always tough.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. It really is, but having these made up bags makes it a bit less tough! xo

  3. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  4. great post! gotta love miniature sized products


    Inspirations Have I None


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