6 July 2016

Bronze Eyes and Dark Nude Lips- Simple Makeup Look

Hey guys!

This is a look I created a while ago just on a day when I was going for lunch with my friend. I also got my hair wash, cut and blowdried that morning so that's why it's looking all sleek and not crazy. As I didn't really have anywhere else to go other than lunch and I didn't want the look to go to waste, I decided to take some selfies because why not? If you think you're looking damn fine you take those selfies girl.

Anyway I thought that I would share this look with you today as I had the pictures on my camera and thought I might as well throw them up here!

I started off by using the Garnier oil free BB cream as my base, which is pretty much what I use every day unless I need something more heavy duty!

For contour and highlight I used my sleek palette, another thing I use most days! I hit pan ages ago so I need to re-purchase though if anyone knows of any good bronzer/highlighter please let me know below!

To set everything I used my No.7 powder in Fair.

On my lids I used a No 7 single eyeshadow, I'm not actually sure what it's called I think I got it in a set! It's a really nice bronze colour though.

My eyelashes are dressed (pretty sure that's not the right term haha) with the Lancome Grandoise which I really like though it's difficult to get off (coconut oil does the trick- check this out ;) Trying Coconut Oil )

Keeping my brows in order (sorta) is the Essence clear brow gel.

Finally on my lips I used a No 7 lip liner which I'm also unsure of the name of but it's a brown/pink colour.

Over this I used the MUA lipstick in 'bare' and my look was complete!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Catriona xo


  1. This look suits you a lot! I love a dark nude lip :) | Acqua xx


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