1 July 2016

Summer Holiday Haul

Hey guys!
As you're reading this I'll actually be in Croatia cause this is a post I had pre-prepared! After months of being cooped up studying in my room I finally got to hit the shops and God had I missed them. On this day we only had a couple of hours so I didn't get a huge amount but I did get some holiday essentials.

Of course I needed a bikini for going away as it's the only time of the year I can really wear them, Ireland's usually way too cold. I am in love with this! The top is from New Look and it's got a Triangl look to it (there's tons of bikinis like them around atm). I got the bottoms from Penneys/Primark and they have a sort of aztec like print. Also they don't have ties on the side cause I ain't risking a bum showing incident!

Both of these are pyjama shorts from Penneys/Primark. However I'm definitely going to wear the white ones during the day cause they're so pretty (this photo doesn't do them justice at all!!)  I adore the little pom poms around the edges. I will wear the Mickey and Minnie shorts to bed though, aren't they so cute? Both of these are in medium so they're a bit big but they have stretchy waists. Anyone else find it impossible to find small pyjamas and also bikinis in Penneys/Primark?!

I think that these shoes look a bit strange in the photo but they're nice on I swear. I'd been wanting black slip on snake print shoes since last summer and eventually purchased them in Penneys/Primark for only 7 euro!! I also got some secret socks because I hate wearing shoes without socks but I like how it looks.

A few beauty bits, I picked up some more of my favourite BB cream from Boots, the Garnier oil free BB. This is so good I wear it every day and I've actually got a few comments from people about how well it matches my skin so that's always a bonus! I also got a Cocoa Brown double sided tanning mitt because my other tanning mitt is literally disgusting and I've been meaning to get a new one for so long. After years of attempting to tan I have finally accepted my pale Irish skin and embraced fake tan. Lastly, I got this beauty blender dupe from Primark/Penneys because I'm unsure about sponge application of makeup but this was so cheap that I decided I might as well try it out.

That's all from me :)
Hope you enjoyed!
Catriona xo

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