22 July 2015

A Trip to The Making of Harry Potter Universal Studios

Hey guys!

So if you read my recent posts you’ll know that I went on a 2 week holiday to England with my family. While we were there we visited family and friends, spent a week in Cornwall surfing and beaching but the best part…. HARRY POTTER UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!! So I thought, just for something a bit different you know gotta mix things up, I’d write a post documenting my day.

Can I just please take a moment to fangirl like really hard over this though? If you don’t like Harry Potter… then what are you doing with your life to be honest? Only joking, but you are probably thinking I’m a complete loser but I don’t even care, I think it was one of the best days of my life.

I actually can’t even remember when I first read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone but basically I’ve loved HP my whole life. I got my brother and sister into it too so when our parents told us we’d be going to the Universal Studios it’s fair to say we were all pretty excited. 

Seeing the studios really makes you appreciate how much effort goes into the making of the films. You actually would not believe the work and attention to detail. A few tricks and secrets are revealed as to how they made certain things possible. We saw sets, costumes, lots of props, creatures, it really was amazing.
I think my favourite part was looking at the actual costumes and wigs that were worn in the films. A guy who worked there was telling us about the makeup and wigs worn by the actors/actresses as well as talking a bit about what the actors/actresses were like. It was so cool to see Dumbledore’s wig, Hermione’s Yule ball dress (and Ron’s dress robes!), Death Eater’s tattoos and lots of other fascinating stuff.

Another fun part was when we put cloaks on and went on broomsticks in front of green screens and a video was recorded which makes it look like you’re flying. This is a picture of me looking like an idiot, but a very happy idiot on my broomstick. We also went in the flying Ford except that you couldn’t buy that video for some reason.

We went on the Hogwarts Express which didn’t move but you could look into all the compartments. I bought Berie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and also tried butter beer, which was weird but nice. Other things we saw were the Knight Bus, the outside of Private Drive and a huge model of Hogwarts.

This really doesn’t describe The Making of Harry Potter half well enough but I would really really recommend that you go visit yourself if you’re any way interested in Harry Potter.
I’ll be back to the usual beauty and lifestyle posts after this but maybe I’ll do another sort of ‘day in the life’ post sometime, well not like this is a typical day in my life but just if I do anything cool I want to share!
Catriona xo

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