6 July 2015

Holiday Essentials

Hey guys!

As ye are reading this I’ll be on my summer holidays (“vacation”) in England, so the posts for these 2 weeks have been pre-scheduled. I’m actually writing this the night before I head off so I thought I would write a post about what I would think of as some ‘holiday essentials’ . Obviously depending on where you’re going, different things are going to be essential. The weather in England is similar to Ireland but more sunny so I’m being optimistic and treating it as a sun holiday. The second week we’re staying in Cornwall so I know I’ll be spending a lot of time on the beach.

I like to have plenty of reading material for my holidays. Normally at home I read a bit but have to admit I spend most of my free time on my laptop, the sad reality. However on holidays I don’t have my laptop and I don’t use my phone very much because there’s normally no wifi so I have a lot more time to read. I really enjoy reading and it’s a good way to chill out while I’m away.

We’re getting the ferry to England so we’ll have the car and also we’re staying in several different places so I know we’ll be doing a good bit of travelling. I’m not a very good traveller and I tend to feel sick. It’s gotten better as I’ve gotten older but I still can’t read or even watch movies without feeling sick so I always listen to music. I think I have weird shaped ears because earphones never stay in so I love my Beats.

I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the water the second week so obviously I need some bikins. Both of these are from Penneys and I might buy another one over there if I see anything nice!

I always fear that I’ll forget my chargers when I go away. I would never forget my phone/ipod/camera but they’re actually useless without the chargers.

Normally I use my phone for taking photos but I like to bring my camera on holidays. I’m not really sure why I just think the pictures mean more taken on a camera rather than quick snaps on my phone.

Bit of an obvious one but I would be annoyed if I didn’t bring any.

Another obvious one. Even if it’s not very sunny at all I like to wear SPF on my face every day.
       Dry shampoo
Just incase. I probably won’t need it the second week because I’ll be showering every day I’m in the sea, which will probably be every day I’m there but the first week we’ll be visiting friends and family so I might not get a chance to wash my hair.
This isn’t something that everyone would call an essential because there’s always glasses/cups but I just like to have a bottle filled with water everywhere I go. Plus if it does happen to be really sunny I don’t want to be getting dehydrated do I!
       Luxury beauty products
I don’t mean very expensive products but products you can use to treat yourself. Face masks, hair masks, nice body moisturisers (no I don’t moisturise my body every day, I’m too lazy so it is a “treat” for me!) There’s time on holidays to relax and put on a face mask so you might as well!

There’s definitely stuff I’ve left out, but they’re the main things I can think of right now. That’s some of what I’ll be bringing with me anyway!

Catriona xo

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