25 July 2015

UK Haul- Clothing and Shoes

Hey guys!

On my recent trip to England I did a little shopping. All the clothes I got are from Primark. There were a few other shops there too, just we spent so long in Primark we didn’t really have time to shop in any others! I decided to split the haul into two posts, clothing and make-up, just so I wouldn’t have one super long post.

I got two of these ribbed sort of crop tops (they're shorter than they look). I really wanted these kind of t-shirts for a while so I got them in two different colours. They’re the kind of tops that you can dress up and down and the colours suit a lot of different things.

I thought that this dress was a perfect summer’s day dress. It’s light and airy with bright colours. I especially love the pattern because it reminds me of a china plate. I can see myself wearing this to the beach or on a nice sunny day.

These pants are the comfiest thing ever. They’re so easy to just throw on but they still look good. The one thing I don’t like about them is they have a really low crotch so I normally pull them up and wear them high waisted. They go with crop tops, t-shirts and jumpers so they’re pretty versatile too!

Ok so for ages I’ve wanted white Nike Air Forces. I would actually prefer low tops because I don’t think high tops really suit me, but when I saw these in Primark for £10 I felt like I couldn’t really not pick them up.

There’s not much to say about these flip flops. I just bought them to wear on the beach. There were other patterns I preferred but they were all either too big or too small, however these really served me well on my week in Cornwall!
These are my favourite UK purchase. I am in looove with these shoes. I never thought I would wear runners with jeans but these go with everything, jeans, leggings, trackies. And the colours make them so easy to match. Need I say more? They’re perf.

The last thing isn't technically clothing but I thought I'd throw it in anyway. When I went to The Making Harry Potter (check out my last post!) I got a couple of things, including this badge/pin, which is the Deathly Hallows symbol and I think it's so cool and I love it. Once I saw a girl with a Deathly Hallows tattoo and well, I mean goals right?? I think I might somehow attach a chain sort of thing and wear this as a necklace as badges aren't really in my day to day accessories!

Anyyyyway that's all for now. My makeup haul will be up next, probably Tuesday/Wednesday.
Toodles (did I just say that)

Catriona xo

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